If we are encouraged to use public transport why canโ€™t TFL handle it?

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but after months of buses driving past packed full of people my patience is wearing thin! I know it must be a hard job to manage routes, traffic and money for more buses, but why are we still being encouraged to use public transport when they can’t handle the amount of people that already use it?

Every morning I have to walk an extra 10 minutes and 2 bus stops up from my one, only to be greeted by a massive queue of people and a gamble to weather or not I’ll get on the bus or will it drive past again, another day late for work! Bear in mind the bus stop I walk to us only 3 down from the start, I feel for all the people at later bus stops, who are never going to get on! I could get the train, however petrol prices are a lot lower than the train ticket prices you have to pay now and even then I’m sure people agree trains on time are a massive gamble! I really want to promote public transport as it’s a greener way, to get to work and better for the planet ๐ŸŒ! However after all the money I spend on public transport, and the everyday stress I’m put under before even arriving at work, surely there is a better way no? Sorry for the rant but I needed to get this off my chest, after another stressful morning. Thanks TFL for making me late again ๐Ÿ‘ Still chin up and smile hay ๐Ÿ˜ #Smile


My Mind And Me (The year I turn 30)

Week 3: shock horror I gained a pound!

This isn’t going to be a long entry as I am currently ill in bed, from a cold I have caught off my daughter! With that and my shoulder injury last week, surprise, surprise rather than loosing weight I have actually gained a pound. In all honesty I have not stuck to the healthy eating either! I really don’t know how people do it, with a job and coming home to be a Mum, temptations take over! I don’t feel at all disheartened by this, whatever gets me through I say and other than feeling ill I’m still happy. I just wish I was a little healthier too.

My diary insert this week spoke of trying to get more sleep. How do I do that when I’m up at 5.30 every morning and on my feet up until I put my daughter to bed. This is when I usually fall asleep and have to get up in the middle of the night to finish chores. But enough complaining from me, next week is always a new week! Another chance for a healthier me!

At the moment getting me through my illness/man flu is binge watching reality tv and reading my book signed and sent to me from one of my favourite authors, Laura Marshall. What gets you through when you are ill?

I’m off to nap now my throat feels like razor blades, my nose is runny and my head is fuzzy. Oh the joys! But hay i’m still smiling ๐Ÿ˜ and you should too!

My Mind And Me (The year I turn 30)

Week 2: Do men age better than women?

Now I do not want to come across at all sexiest here because I know there is so many different family set ups out there, however have you ever noticed that men do age better than women? How often do you hear men talk of Botox or anti ageing cream? I know that the modern man does use moisturiser and looks after themselves a lot more than our fathers or grandfathers did, but still it does feel like women need to do a lot more work to stay young! Look at my photo above, I was fresh slim and young faced at 21, now I feel frumpy and haggard! I’m not even 30 yet! I went back to work this week, after the Christmas holidays, and I have never felt so tired in my life! So yes the exercise and healthy eating has been put on the back burner, I know excuses, excuses! However even without the exercises I still woke up on Saturday, my day off, not able to move! I have a recurring shoulder injury, from doing Zumba years ago, I know haha, but I have no idea how I injured it this time! Is this what is ahead of me, moving on into the next decade of life, not a lot of movement and then bed bound for days?

Being a mum in this day and age is hard! In today’s economy most women have no choice but to work, however still tied to the old fashioned prejudices, we are still expected to come home, cook a healthy dinner, teach our children and keep a tidy house! Where is the me time? How can we keep a healthy mind when it is constantly on the go? Is this why women age worse than men? Do men get me time or do they find it as hard? I think both find the stress of life today impossible to process, why else is mental illness at an all time high, or is it just that we talk about things more? What is your opinion, feel free to comment below!

In a mission to help me feel as young as 21 again I am determined to loose weight. Don’t get me wrong I am comfortable with my curvaceous figure however jumping on the scales today I only weigh a couple of pound under what I weighed when heavily pregnant? Shock horror, that can’t be healthy!

However now with an injured shoulder I need to take things slow. Rather than running I will be speed walking and doing yoga this week! Remember we are not all perfect, I have not kept to my lists at all this week but a new week always brings new change, join me in my journey weekly to see if I manage to drop a few pounds and the struggles and emotions that come with it! Last of all I leave you with a question….

My journal asked me today what have I done in life to make me feel proud? My family makes me proud, all my achievements and happy memories involve them and they help me through the toughest times of my life! So I ask you what makes you feel proud today?

My Mind And Me (The year I turn 30)

Week 1: Be Motivated for Your Younger Self!

So Christmas is over, the decorations are down and it’s time to get up and start on my New Years List, rather than sitting around in my slippers and drinking prosecco!

My New Fluffy Slippers!

Remember my list in my last blog? Let’s see how well I have done:

My New Years List

1. Pass my driving test: Well this one is on going however I have now been insured in my partners car, this is the one I will be driving once I pass, YAY! One of my entries in my Happy Journal this week was all about adventure, so my new adventure was to be insured on the car I would be driving and take it out for an adventure, the adventure being a new car to practice driving in rather than the usual one I practice on. I achieved this goal today and hope to continue to practice in it.

Extract from my Happy Journal written by Fearne Cotton

2. Fill out my Happy journal daily: check.

3. Create my blog: check

4. Write my blog weekly: well week one done, so on track with that!

The last few on the list i.e drink less, exercise, eat healthy etc I will admit I have slacked on a little! But hay I’m still on my Christmas holidays so keep an eye on my next blog to see if I have kept to those ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Last on the list was Smile and yes I have been doing this one, I feel if I try to smile, even if I feel down, a little smile sometimes does perk me up!

First Drive In My Car!

So what’s been happening this week and how do I feel about it? Well other than the excitement of actually driving my car, it has been quite a mundane week. A lot of lie ins and lazy days.

At Mary Poppins (Not My Best Photo)

I did go to see Mary Poppins returns, a must see for family’s and people that love nostalgia and a musical, this was a great family day out.

Three Little Lies Written By Laura Marshall

I have spent most nights staying up late to read Three Little Lies. The second book to be written by Laura Marshall a lady that is beginning to be one of my favourite authors. So far I find it hard to put this book down! But The best thing to happen to me this week happened today!

Me and my Best Friend when we were young

My best friend had found some photos of when we were in primary school and middle school, that she had found stored away. I loved to see these images of my young self full of promise and excitement, no idea how tough the world can be! It started me thinking, what would I say to my younger self and what would she say to me? I wonder if she would be proud of me? Would your younger self be proud of you? I then read an extract from The Happy Journal, which tied in well.

Extract from The Happy Journal

If your not happy with something, CHANGE IT! I have learnt that life will throw at you good times and bad, recently I feel I have experienced quite a lot of bad! I can’t just sit hear waiting for life to send something good my way, I need to do it myself. That is partly what this blog is for, to change my life, help others with theirs and get my writing and feelings out there. If life now throws something bad at me I will look for the positive and work to change that negative into a motivated for something good! For example:

  • I lost my Dad but I am going to fight to help cure cancer and help others in anyway I can.
  • I feel I want to loose a few pounds, for me. So I’m going to run again and eat a little healthier.
  • We are in charge of our destiny and I am going to be the strong, independent, positive person the younger me wanted to be! This is my motivator, ask yourself what is yours?
  • My list for next week

    So today’s entry was about writing a list of what you will do to help clear your head. My list for this week is:

    • Run at least once this week.
    • Prepare what u need for tomorrow in the evenings.
    • Driving Practice.
    • Strictly NO snacking
    • Drink more water.

    So let’s see how I do next week. Read my blog next Sunday to see how I do and how I feel!

    P.S don’t forget to smile!

    My Mind And Me (The year I turn 30)


    So today is Tuesday 1st of January 2019! It’s the first day of a brand new year, outside the weather seems dull and cloudy but the atmosphere is full of positivity and excitement of what the new year will bring! Wouldn’t it be great if everything and everyone was always this positive and motivated? It can be achievable can’t it?

    Happy New Year

    I woke up this morning probably like quite a few parents. After a late night toasting to the new year with prosseco, I was awoken at half past 9 by my 5 year old. I know what you fellow parents and guardians will be thinking, half past 9 with a child is an amazing lie in, and yes for us it is! However remember the New Year days of old where you could roll out of bed at 2pm, long distant memories now. As I lay there trying to wake up it dawned on me….this year the year of 2019 is the year I turn 30! I know, I know it’s not as scary as maybe it used to be, however it does feel like such a grown up age, and most of all it feels as though I had only just turned 21 yesterday.

    The Big Three Zero

    Also turning 30 throws up a pain that lurks in my brain and beats in my heart, a pain that will never fade but you learn to deal with (apparently)! It’s a pain that close friends and family members know I have struggled to deal with. That’s the pain of loosing my Father to Prostate Cancer, September 2017.

    My Dad and I on my 21st Birthday

    My Dad was an amazing man! He wasn’t just a great father and grandfather but he had this way about him that just made everyone he met smile, to put things in perspective so many people wanted to pay thier respects at his funeral, that there was not enough seats for all, people even had to watch from a window on the second floor of the church. I want to continue, in his memory, to keep people smiling. Though some days that is just hard to do, especially if you don’t feel so smiley yourself. But we can always try. My Dad was only 58 when he died and I was 28. Thankfully he got to meet his 3 grandsons and granddaughter, my daughter. However he will never get to walk me down the isle and we will never get to share two of our big birthdays together! You see 2019 would also have been the year my dad would have turned 60 and we planned that if he made it to 60 we would do a joint party together! I know I feel I may not be able to fulfil the promise of a big party however even though this year will be hard, I am going to make the most of it in his honour!

    Parting Together

    So lying in bed on this new year morning I devised a plan. In the summer I took a very difficult holiday with my Mum to Weymouth, a place where my Dad loved! It resulted in an emotional heart to heart on the beach with my mum, followed my some retail therapy! While in a bookshop my mum found something she thought was perfect for me, Happy the Journal by Fearne Cotton.

    Happy The Journal

    It’s designed as a daily journal with prompts that encourage you to free your emotions and to try and be positive! I then promised myself that come the new year my resolution would be to fill this book out daily. Then on New Year Day 2020 I could look back at the ups and down of my 30th Year! It then struck me, there has been so much in the media about mental health and being mindful of how ourselves and others feel, that it got me thinking. I could share my thoughts and feelings in an online blog, including some of my entries from this journal, not all entries as we all need a little privacy! If I shared a weekly blog, sharing real thoughts and feelings, wether it had been a good week or bad! It would not only be a great way of expressing and understanding how I feel but help support others to understand that they are not alone and to open up about how they feel! Wouldn’t that be a great way to honour my dad and keep people smiling, wouldn’t that be a 30th year to be proud of!

    Entry 1 of my Happy Journal

    So January of this book is all about looking positively at the year ahead and the first entry is to devise a list of revolutions that you WILL complete. So above is my list and as you can see the usual eat healthy, drink less, drink more water and exercise is there! Also towards the top of the list is to create this blog, tick 1 done, to keep it going with at least an entry once a week and to fill out my journal. Top of my list is one I hope I can do in the first few months of this year… and that is to pass my driving test! I am in competition with my partner as he passed at 18, the perfect drive with no minors! If I could do this as well at 30 I would be a very happy girly, no pressure! But most importantly on my list is to smile, whatever happens, whatever life brings, there is always time for a little smile and to share that smile around the world! So first entry done and feeling positive, my little thing to smile about for today and here we go with my weekly blog and daily journal…….

    Easy and Simple Christmas Elf ideas!

    So Christmas is right around the corner and if your like me you may have started running out of ideas of what to do with that cheeky elf! I’m also a busy working mum too so don’t have the time to be too extravagant! So here is some fun yet easy and simple ideas I have tried:

    Through the Elf door!

    Catch your elf in the act of escaping through the elf door to report back to Santa!

    Changing the date!

    The elf is being quite helpful here changing the date of our Christmas calendar.

    Bedtime story!

    Here the elf has made friends with other toys and is reading them a little story!

    Elfie Selfie

    Take some fun snaps on your phone of your elf and leave your phone with the elf! Your little one will enjoy discovering what the cheeky elf has been up to!

    Lego Creator!

    Elf has been busy creating a masterpiece out of Lego!

    Elf Artist

    Here your elf has used your child’s art box to create a special piece of work they can treasure forever!

    Sick Elf

    If your little one has been poorly add a tissue and blanket with your elf. Your child and Elf can look after each other!

    The Elf Escape!

    Elf has been very cheeky here and has been caught climbing the tinsel on the run with a letter from Santa!

    Well I hope these ideas have helped spark some creativity! Feel free to use any and please share any ideas you have too!

    10 Facts About Me

    I have been challenged by a fellow blogger ‘Amazonian Mummy’ to write 10 facts about myself to help people get to know me better! So here goes:

    1. I am currently in the process of writing a book ‘Mirror Mirror’

    2. I have just entered the final year of my 20’s ๐Ÿ˜ฎ time to grow up haha!

    3. I enjoy cooking and eating it ๐Ÿคฃ

    4. I am currently learning to drive, yes be careful she’s loose on the roads!

    5. I adore cats, their eyes are so beautiful it’s like they can read your soul! I am also Mummy to fur babies Lynx and Snow on instagram kittens2cats_lynx_and_snow!

    6. My favourite comfort food is pasta with tomato purรฉe and cheese. I know it sounds gross but try it and you’ll see!

    7. Ask me about any episode of the Friends TV series and 99.9% I’ll know the answer. I used to be obsessed!

    8. I strive to raise money for the Marsden Cancer Hospital to help raise money to help with their fight to cure cancer and care for those fighting the disease!

    9. I believe in positivity, there is always something good in everything! Sometimes you may need to look a little harder to find it!

    10. My best friend is Amazonian Mummy and we have been friends ever since we were 5. So that is about 25 years now!